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This journey takes resolve and we are in your corner until the end.


A Bit About Me

Hi I'm Isak. (Pronounced like "Isaac." Spellcheck wasn't a thing in the 80's) I'm the owner of Resolve Functional Fitness. Here's a bit into my story of why I started Resolve. For more about my story find the Blog Post (coming soon).

Being healthy is relatively new for me. For most of my life, I struggled with my weight. In 2013, I was 29 years old, tipping the scale at 243 pounds, unhappy, unhealthy, and sick and tired of the story my weight was writing for my life. And decided I needed a change. The road to a healthier life wasn't easy and I understand the struggles we have with our weight.

Now, I want to help other people get there.

I want to invest in people so that they can write new stories in their own lives.

I want to invest in you. I'll be in your corner until the end.

So let's write a new story together!

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